How To Use A Contour Pillow

A contour pillow is unique as compared to other traditional pillows. This is because not only does it offer comfort, it does not lose its shape even if you use for a long time. Why? The pillow is made using memory foam which contains chemicals that enable the pad to return to its usual shape when not in use. Therefore, the pad provides a safe sleeping position and at the same time saves you money as it is a durable pillow.

What are the benefits of using contour pillow?

  • Used for neck treatment

If you are diagnosed with a neck problem, there are various treatments one is recommended to undertake such as therapy, drug prescriptions, and physical therapy among others. Sometimes, the cause of the neck pains may be because of using the wrong pillow, or not getting the right support while sleeping. First, to possibly avoid one undergoing the above therapies which may end up costing you a fortune depending on the number of times you should undertake them, you can use contour pillows in the place of the traditional ones. Also in the case where you are diagnosed with neck problems you can opt to use contour pillow as it is a great and cheap therapy for your neck pains and injuries.


  • Contour pillows have no side effects

Unlike other prescriptions for muscle relaxing that may possess various side effects especially when consumed for long. The pillow does not have side effects, and yet they provide the same services with the over counter prescription. Some of the side effects associated with the use of the muscle relaxer prescription include drowsiness or dizziness especially for the people working in factories or involved in carrying heavy loads. Choose the natural and safe way of relaxing your muscles by using contour pillows.


  • Provides comfort during the sleep

The majority of people who have a problem with neck pains are as a result of using the wrong position while sleeping which causes harm to the neck hence causing the problems. The good news is with a contour pillow you will not experience these issues as it is designed with memory form which provides you with soft and comfort through out the night.


  • The pads are durable

Unlike the traditional pillows which you must keep on changing as they wear out after a particular period, contour pillows are quite durable as they are made with excellent memory foam materials that retain their natural look and feel when not in use.


Tips for selecting the best contour pillows

  • Comfort

Comfort is a key factor to keep in mind when shopping for your contour pillow. Ensure the texture of the pillow is soft and comfortable to use as well. The size also plays a huge role in offering comfort an adult cannot use the same size of a pillow with a child. So, buy a pillow that will provide comfort while sleep without harming your neck and back.


  • The material

The right contour pillow should have memory form that helps it to have soft feeling and retain its texture after use. Before you purchase the pillow ensure that it has the listed items and this can be confirmed by reading the ingredients used in manufacturing the pads which can be found on the paper packs. Also, ensure the pillow is of the right shape too as contour has a unique look different from other pillows.


How to use contour pillow in various sleeping positions

  • Back sleep position

When it comes to the back sleeping position, a pillow is needed to maintain and fill the hollow found at the back of the head, and the upper back as failure to this will lead to the head falling on the down ward position, and the chin tilt. This in return causes a lot of stress to the neck. When using the contour pillow, ensure that the large part is put under the neck and close to the shoulder to provide a comfortable and straight posture.


  • The side positions

Ensure the large part of the pillow is placed underneath the neck and near the shoulder as this helps to maintain the original status of the neck hence preventing it from straining while asleep.


  • Tummy or stomach

This position is not recommended although some people find it comfortable to sleep on it too. When using a contour pillow, ensure the small part of the pillow is placed underneath the neck but further towards the chest to support the top portion and avoid excessive neck movement and the back aches too. This position can affect breathing when using a contour pillow.



From the above information, we can conclude that contour pillows are reliable and excellent for use. Not only do the pillows provide comfort while sleeping, but they also protect your back from getting injured by ensuring that all the muscles are relaxed while sleeping. Some doctors recommend the use of this pillow to be the best for use when sleeping. Some of the back and neck injuries we get are because of using wrong sleeping position, but with a good pillow such as contour, it will help you acquire the right sleeping position as it shapes your upper body on the right sleeping position. Investing in a healthy, contour pillow and save your money from regularly going to see a physical therapist due to neck and back pains that are caused by wrong sleeping position.

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