Top Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow

There are many shapes and types of pillows. The wedge pillow is shaped like a big triangle, slanted, and it’s useful in supporting the body. It is very comfortable, which makes it recommended for people who are recovering from illnesses or surgery, or those who have respiratory problems or acid reflux.

Wedge pillows are designed to keep your head or body elevated while you sleep, and in this way, your blood circulation is increased. It has multiple purposes—it can be used for head, body or legs.

Depending on the purpose, bed wedges can be divided into two categories: the back wedges (also known as bed wedges) and those used especially for the legs.

The leg wedge is designed a little bit different. During sleep, the weight of the legs presses on the spine. If you use a leg wedge pillow, the spine will be relieved and perfect alignment will be formed. There are many sizes—you can choose the right one for you. Placed under the knees, the wedge pillow can relieve muscle pain and be used as a perfect support for broken or wounded legs (that’s why these pillows are also indicated for athletes).

Per the size, wedge pillows can be split into three categories: the standard size (improves the symptoms of acid reflux and sinus congestion); the extra-large size (supports the spine—perfect for reading); and the leg wedge pillow (helps circulation flow—often they have a curve in the middle). The symptoms that you have will determine the size and the shape of your bed wedge.

One relevant type of wedge pillows is the back-wedge pillow. It can be a therapeutic pillow in that it helps with back problems. By keeping the upper body elevated, it decreases the pressure on the spine. You can use it when you stay in bed and watch TV or read a book—it will perfectly support your back. Bed wedges are a more suitable and reasonable option to improve your comfort, better than using numerous pillows piled on top of each other. One advantage is that they are firm and soft at the same time, so slipping off a wedge pillow during the night is not possible. The need to rearrange your pillow as your sleep, will totally disappear. Another positive point of view is that your body will” merge” with the pillow—it takes the form of your body so well that you might have the impression that it is a part of you. You won’t feel empty spaces, between your body and the pillow anymore. Another good thing is that is lightweight and you can move it around—you use it on a bed or a couch, or even the floor if that is where you prefer to recline.

A smart type of wedge pillow is one made of foam. It’s a moderately firm pillow designed to raise the head during the sleep, but it can be used in other ways too, such as between your legs, to relieve lower back pain. The foam provides comfort, thanks to its antiallergenic properties and its ability of molding perfectly around your body.

The main role of a back-wedge pillow is to keep the body comfortable, without causing muscle tension. Contrary to its simple shape, is an incredible pillow—any tiredness and soreness are barely felt in the morning, or not at all.

Although you might need some time to get used to these pillows, it’s worth it. Wedge pillows will help you sleep better. Their multiple benefits improve your nights, and a good night’s sleep leads to a better day.

Benefits of using a wedge pillow

  • Provide comfort – ideal for those who want to watch TV or read a book, the wedge pillow keeps the body in a perfect angle, suitable for this kind of activities. It molds after the body, after every bone of your spine and neck. It’s so comfortable, that at some point, you could forget that you have it on your back
  • Can be used in multiple positions—also for the legs, not just the back. It can be moved from one place to another
  • It can be used anywhere you want—on the couch, bed or even in a tent (if you love camping—you will want to use it there, for sure)
  • Conforms to the body—Foam wedge pillows take the shape of your body so well, that you will feel a natural comfort when you use one, and you may even feel “one with the pillow”
  • Relief of lower back, hip and neck pain, due to proper support and alignment of the head, neck and back with the spine
  • Prevents snoring—By keeping your body and neck elevated, the wedge pillow keeps the airways open so that awful whistling will go away
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves sleep apnea—Wedge pillows, especially the bed wedges, keep the head elevated so that air can be breathed without obstruction
  • Stops acid reflux—the elevated position stops stomach acid from rising to the esophagus
  • Helps the pregnant women by easing back pain that is common during pregnancy period, and can provide support to the abdomen
  • Good for medical recovery

Good durability—A good quality wedge pillow has a long life and you won’t need to replace it for many years



Wedge pillows offer physiological improvements, not only to the head, back and spine, but also to relieve problems like acid reflux, snoring, and sleep apnea. By using a wedge pillow, you will gain a perfect ally for a good sleep, and a good sleep means a better life. Read some of our wedge pillow reviews here Remedy wedge pillow review or Acid Reflux wedge pillow review

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