Best Memory Foam Pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Neck cramps and back pain have become a common problem in today’s world. Every orthopedic issue is quite intimidating, and it is really annoying to acquire a condition only due to unorthodox sleeping positions.

Obviously, it is absurd to determine how one sleeps, and sometimes the weird position that you get into while you slumber presents itself as a backache the following day. Moreover, long hours spent on the computer or strenuous desk jobs that require you to bend your head for considerable amounts of time can be a reason for neck aches or spondylitis.

What comes to your aid? Memory foam pillows. This unique and contemporary piece of technology is a boon to people waiting to be rescued from back pains. The memory foam pillows are heat sensitive and allow you sleep at a temperature you’re most comfortable in.

The pillow conforms to the shape of your body and gives you the chance to fall into the kind of deep sleep that is only talked about in fairy tales. Furthermore, the ability of the foam pillows to cradle one’s head in an appropriate position is commendable. This is not achieved by regular pillows or mattresses, which is a major advancement that is seen in memory foam pillows.

How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Pillow?

Choosing something can be a tiresome task. It is very trying because there are too many options. Also, the platforms to choose from are various, considering the fact that memory foam pillows are available everywhere.

From your local mattress stores, to big sellers like Amazon or Flipkart, foam pillows are found to be top-notch globally. But, like the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series would say, “Where to put you?” That’s probably the most asked question.

You’re possibly wondering how to determine the quality of the memory foam pillow that you’d choose. Of course, it’s not prudent to buy everything that you see.

In order to choose a memory foam pillow that tops all others in the same category, there are a few things that one has to keep in mind. Firstly, the health benefits offered by foam pillows are innumerable.

Starting with back pain, and ranging all the way to spinal disorders, everything is eased by the use of these pillows to a certain extent. So, before choosing the pillow, it’s best to try it manually. Look around and if no one’s there, take a quick nap.

It’s guaranteed to be better than your usual mattress. But what you’ve got to check out is to what degree it is better, and that’s what makes all the difference.

What to Look for in a Good Memory Foam Pillow?

A good foam pillow can enhance your sleep by a huge factor. It is very desirable to get a good, long nap before you start your day because the whole of it depends on how soundly you rested the previous night. This is where memory foam pillows step in.

The convenient positioning of one’s head and optimal pressure on one’s back are two extremely important conditions that must be satisfied to help one sleep better. The distribution of body weight is even, and the mattress recovers its original form after the pressure is removed. The memory foam pillows have grown widely popular due to their therapeutic use.

Memory foam was discovered by NASA, initially. It is soft and absorbent. The material of these pillows is called viscoelastic which came to be known as memory foam. So, when you go to look for a memory foam pillow, be sure to look for the correct material.

The material configures itself in order to provide you maximum comfort, and hence to check whether the pillow is a genuine memory foam pillow all you’ve got to do is apply pressure and observe how it feels. If it is soft and comforting, you’ve got the right stuff. But if not, keep looking.





Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Coop Home Goods $$$ 4.4/5
Contour Memory Foam Pillow – PharMeDoc  $  4.1/5

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Snuggle-Pedic

 $$ 4.4/6

Memory Foam Pillow – Equinox

 $  4.2/5

Memory Foam Contour Pillow (Gel) – LinenSpa

 $$ 4.0/5
  Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow  $$ 4.2/5
  Brooklyn Bedding Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow  $$ 4.1/5
  Resort Sleep – Memory Foam Pillow $ 4.0/5
   Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow – Shredded Memory Foam With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover  $$$  4.3/5
   Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Pillow  $$$ 4.1/5

Top 5 Memory Foam Pillows

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Coop Home Goods

For those who like complexity and elaborate things, you’re in for a treat. The adjustable shredded memory foam pillow manufactured by Coop Home Goods is worth every dime you spend on it. The pillow can be fluffed up easily.

It is adjustable and shredded which is opposite to the regular flat pillows. This is an asset which one hardly thinks of as compromising. After all, what good is a pillow if it isn’t plump?

Heat buildup and restriction of airflow are two common mishaps that are accompanied with most pillows. Moreover, uneven back support and loss of sturdiness after a few months of use is immensely undesirable.

This is where Coop Home Goods decided to let you off the hook. Read on to get a clear idea.

Features and Advantages

  • It provides the support of memory foam. It is made of real, top-class quality memory foam and designed not to disappoint you.
  • It sustains airflow and allows the crevices between the body and the mattress to be well ventilated. This is very much wanted in order to avoid pressure ulcers. No one wants to be hurt by soft cushions!
  • It is a quick shapeshifter. Even better than the ones you see on Harry Potter. It is efficient enough to calculate how much strain is required to absorb a given amount of pressure. What more could you want from a pillow?
  • It is shredded, which means you can manually adjust the flatness of the pillow; you can easily pat the pillow down or fluff it up according to your preference.
  • It is too cool to be true. Literally. The bamboo-derived polyester blend fabric used in preparing the pillow acts as a temperature regulator. This lets you feel at ease even in the hottest of summers. So, while visiting the equatorial regions, don’t forget this pillow!
  • Shredded memory foam is better than memory foam in terms of air circulation. This is a great plus point because, well, you need oxygen, don’t you? Even if you are face-pillowing?
  • It is dust mite resistance and hypoallergenic because of its natural roots. It is a bamboo-derived polyester-made material which brings you joy and keeps away the allergic sneezes. You’ve got to admit; that’s too cool for a pillow.

Bottom Line

For anyone who wants to adjust their pillow height and still enjoy the comforts provided by a memory foam pillow, this is the product you’re looking for. Also, you get to have a clear conscience since no animals were pestered during its making.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow – PharMeDoc

This is definitely the best option for side sleepers. People who find resting their head on their arms and watching television at night, rest assured, you’ve finally found someone who understands. It is firm, comforting, and cooling as well.

The coolants provided with the pillow do not wear off with time, and that’s what makes it all the more tempting to buy. Moreover, if you wear glasses, it’s really difficult to lay on your side and read.

This pillow will help you achieve a greater speed when reading by soothing your headrest. If you don’t drift off, of course!

Features and Advantages

  • It is provided with a cover made with aloe vera, which is known for its cooling effect.
  • Best possible sleep is achieved by regulating temperature according to one’s needs. This is done by this pillow. It’s a thermostat by itself!
  • The design is such that it relieves back pain to the best of a pillow’s ability. You experience relief in the badly affected region of the neck and back.
  • The cooling technology helps you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Long gone will be the days when you wake up feeling like Darth Vader, once you start using this pillow.
  • It is latex and lead free. This is a major health benefit.
  • It is machine washable. Made from polyester and cotton, this pillow is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Cotton helps in absorbing sweat and polyester works as the supportive material.
  • Allergens, dust mites, and bacteria tend to keep away from these pillows.
  • This is a reversible bed rest pillow. This means, on either side of the pillow, you can enjoy the same amount of comfort.

Bottom Line

People who like sleeping on their sides, behold the Sheldon to your theoretical Physics! Since the beginning of time, it has been difficult to find an adequate pillow for the side snoozers. If you are one of them, you’ve got to have this.

Also, with the coolants and aloe vera, you’re probably already a fan. Cooling agents combined with aloe vera help you enjoy a good night’s sleep and allow you to wake up with a fresh mind.

Go on, try it, you’re definitely going to get good results. At least your companions will stop complaining about how cranky you get in the mornings!

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Snuggle-Pedic

Similar to Coop Home Goods’ shredded memory foam pillow, Snuggle-Pedic has come up with a gadget that lets you fall asleep in a jiffy. So, you may ask, what’s the difference between the two?

Well, this one’s blessed with cooling agents. Whoever is heat sensitive and does not like to perspire outside the gym (or maybe anywhere!), this pillow is your best friend.

The completely natural, cooling pillow is your best alternative to the dull, stuffy regular pillows that are mostly slept on.

It is considerably sturdy and efficient. It is known for the relaxation it provides to pressure points. Now, whenever you feel like cuddling, you’ve got a pillow to do it with!

Features and Advantages

  • It is cozy and conformable. It changes its contour according to your needs. So, even though it’s solid, it doesn’t really have a definite shape. That depends on your requirements.
  • It is completely natural. No synthetic material is present in its composition. So, people allergic to certain types of chemicals will benefit here.
  • The constituent subparts of this pillow are soft and plump. This makes the pillow a very fluffy object, on the whole.
  • Luxurious cooling agents and micro-vented bamboo cover with the interlocking of foam pieces leads to the formation of a pillow that is very well ventilated.
  • Resistant to bacteria and dust mites.
  • It is perfect for all sorts of sleepers. Whether you rest on your back or your front, you’re sure to love this pillow. It is engineered to trigger a pleasant sleep.
  • It comes with a 20-year That is what’s most appealing about Snuggle-Pedic. They like to assure the consumers that they’re here for the long run. You can trust them.

Bottom Line

If you’re suffering from feather allergies or if you want to be completely environment-friendly, this is the memory foam pillow you’ve been looking for. The pillow is certified CertiPUR-U.S. to be made of original memory foam. It is organic and does not tamper with dangerous chemicals. So, just go ahead and buy it!

Memory Foam Pillow – Equinox

Who does not love big pillows? They come in handy for pillow fights and other fighting amenities. How would you like to possess the biggest pillow among your friends at a slumber party?

Better still, if you could boast about its practicality, too? It does not get better than this!

At the dimensions of 24×16 inches, Equinox International’s memory foam pillow will make you the champion at pillow fights, not to mention the champion of sleeping as well. Obviously, the pillow does have other utilities like being your headrest for sleep purposes, but come on, who leaves out a pillow fight reference when it is in order?

Features and Advantages

The pillow is formed with the finest quality of memory foam that has been certified by CertiPUR-U.S., and there is no greater authority which can endorse a particular material’s purity.

  • It is blessed with honeycomb cooling gel. So, now whenever you want to cool off after a hot day’s exertion, look for your pillow and go for a long nap.
  • With a thickness of 5 inches, Equinox’s memory foam pillow is determined to hold its chubbiness. The pillow is known to preserve the fluff it comes with originally after you’ve bought it.
  • Paired with a pillowcase made of Spandex Mesh, which is removable, you’re most assuredly going to enjoy a good, long snooze which an alarm cannot break.
  • It is washable, once you’ve removed the Spandex cover. The pillow can be put into a washing machine with mild soap and water. In minutes, you can get back your pillow in its initial look.
  • It comes along with a 5-year long warranty and a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. What more can you want?

Bottom Line

As per the previous pillow cover reference (which we think is a selling point in and of itself), this particular memory foam pillow is unique as it is huge and challenging. It tends to retain its shape and size.

It is known to work against orthopedic conditions and spinal sufferings. The bulging feature of the pillow combined with cooling technology makes it irresistible. The only disadvantage that it suffers is that it does not provide any consolation regarding allergens and bacteria.

Nonetheless, Equinox is quite confident in its product and offers a 100% money back guarantee to people who are displeased with their pillow.

Memory Foam Contour Pillow (Gel) – LinenSpa

LinenSpa is a trusted company among many industrial giants. It is reputed for its flawless production line and its daring outlook on the products it manufactures.

The Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow is one such product. It is light-weight, medium-sized and simple.

Yet, it has a distinguishing feature about itself. You see, the simplicity that it brings to the table is not negligible. The pillow is sturdy and comforting, which is what one wants in a memory foam pillow. It is shape shifting and adjusts according to the curves of one’s head in order to reduce discomfort as much as possible.

Features and Advantages

  • It provides temperature regulation. Your body heat will be preserved, but it keeps you cool and feeling rejuvenated.
  • It provides pressure relief. Unwanted stress on the spinal disks is avoided in order to optimize the sleep experience.
  • Back pain and neck sores are rectified on using this pillow if it was caused by ill-positioned sleep. The pillow helps you rest your head in a position which keeps you at ease.
  • It is sturdy and provides support. It does not leave your head half dangling.
  • It helps with spinal alignment.
  • The cooling agent is blended with the material of the pillow, but not provided with the pillow cover. So the cooling agent remains even when you’ve washed the pillow and use it without a pillowcase.
  • It has a molded construction which changes according to body weight and pressure. Feel free to twist and turn in your sleep. The pillow will adjust on its own.
  • The pillow cover is made of cotton percale material. It is soft and can be removed before laundering.
  • The standard pillow comes with a 3-year warranty period. This assures the customer that your pillow may go out of shape, but the company will be there to be held responsible for it. So, buy away without hesitation.

Bottom Line

If you want to buy a pillow that is just a pillow made of memory foam, then LinenSpa’s Memory Foam Pillow will be your best choice. Not only because it’s simple and elegant, but also because it is not devoid of all the health benefits that are adjoined to a memory foam pillow.

Also, the manufacturers are trustable and renowned, so the product’s authenticity is not questionable at all. So, all in all, it would best for a random person looking for just another memory foam pillow to buy this one.

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