How to Use a Cervical Pillow, 4 Types and Their Importance to Your Spinal Health

Do you want to know how to use a cervical pillow? When purchasing a cervical pillow, bear in mind that the way you use it will determine the difference between you getting a nice rest or feeling pain every day. The reason is that we spend a lot of our time sleeping, and that means you need to sleep in the right position. Cervical pillows enable you to support your neck ergonomically as you sleep. This post looks at 4 types of cervical pillows, how to use them correctly, and their importance to your spinal health.

4 Types of Cervical Pillows

Cradle Pillows

  • They help to distribute your head’s weight evenly, which in turn reduces pressure on your neck and spine. They also prevent snoring by keeping your airways aligned.

Neck Pillows

  • They are slimmer that the average pillows. You tuck them behind your neck to enable you to have a proper spinal curve as you sleep. They come in various sizes, which ensure they fit any body type. They are also ideal for back sleepers and side sleepers.

Side Pillows

  • They get designed with a curved edge, lower in the middle and higher on the side, with a pocket in the middle.
  • This pocket helps you to cradle your head, which ensures you relax your upper vertebrae. The curve provides you room to rest your shoulders and also contributes to keeping your neck well aligned.

Cervical Roll Style Pillows

  • Another type to consider buying after knowing how to use a cervical pillow is the cervical roll style pillows. This pillow acts as a multi-functioning device. You place it under your head and neck. That ensures you have proper spinal alignment.
  • You can also use it under your knees. The cervical rolls provide you with support for lower back problems such as sciatica. You can also use the cervical rolls behind your back while sitting. That gives you additional lumbar support.

How to Use a Cervical Pillow

When using a cervical pillow, you should consider 3 steps. The reason that is you need to ensure it provides support to your spine as you sleep.

It means you need a cervical pillow to ensure you reduce issues such as neck pain. Below are three steps you should take when using a cervical pillow.

Fit the Cervical Pillow to Your Mattress

  • When using a cervical pillow, remember that your mattress’ firmness will influence how it performs. For instance, you should use a thicker cervical pillow if your mattress is firm. If it’s soft, you should use a thinner cervical pillow.

Fit Your Cervical Pillow Depending On Your Sleep Position

  • The second step is to fit it according to your sleeping position. The reason is that we all have different sleeping positions. For example, you may prefer to sleep on your back, side, or on your stomach.
  • If you sleep on your back, you need a thinner and flatter neck support. If you it’s on your sides, you will need a thicker cervical pillow.
  • Consider a flat head pillow if you sleep on your stomach. That’s because you need a pillow under your chest.
  • You should also remember that’s it’s difficult to have proper neck alignment while sleeping on your stomach. The contours of your cervical pillow get determined by your sleeping positions.
  • It means you should choose a cervical pillow type that supports you as when sleeping. When choosing the best types, bear in mind that you can choose different sizes. That ensures you accommodate different sleeping positions.
  • Some models of cervical pillows also have different shades on each of their sides. These shades suit different sleeping positions.

Fit Your Cervical Pillow According To Your Anatomy

  • When using your pillow, ensure that its curves match your neck and natural upper back curves.

Why Cervical Pillows Are Important For Your Spinal Health

  • You may ask yourself why it’s important to know how to use a cervical pillow. The reason is that your spine is a crucial part of your body. It consists of a series of vertebrae that extend from your lower back to your neck. It also gives the structure of your entire body.
  • It also houses the spinal cord. These are a long bundle of nerve fibers which connect every part of your body. This connection is the basis of the central nervous system. The system is responsible for responding to almost all the information your body receives.
  • By using your cervical pillow correctly, you ensure you have a healthy spine. One way a cervical pillow helps you is by supporting your head. The reason is that an improper sleeping position results in adverse effects on your central nervous system.
  • Partial dislocations in your spine get caused by fatigue, which occur when you are sleeping or sitting. They lead to many issues such as tension headaches, lower back pain and hip dysfunction.
  • Keep in mind that long-term fatigue leads to poor blood circulation, arthritic conditions, sleep disorders and degenerating connective tissues. They also result in foot and knee issues and posture problems.

What to Do When Buying Them

  • Make sure you read the online reviews of cervical pillows, , because there are many models available. It ensures you buy those that suit your sleeping position.
  • Consider your sleeping position when purchasing them. That’s because different models are for various sleeping positions. You should also fit them correctly with your sleep position.
  • Remember that your spinal health is important. That should make you consider purchasing the best brands. It ensures you reduce chances of spinal problems.

Final Thoughts

The above post on how to use a cervical pillow should get you to consider buying one. Remember that your spine is a vital part of your body. It means you should ensure you purchase quality cervical pillows that are ideal for your sleeping positions.

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