Camden Hill Memory Foam Tencel Pillow Review

Who wouldn’t like to have a good and deep sleep every night, and to wake up in the morning without neck and back pain, rested and relaxed? For this, you will need the best ally that you can find—the best sleeping pillow on the market, Camden Hill’s Memory Foam Tencel Pillow. By using a new improved method in the design and construction, it’s a high-quality pillow coming from is a big name on the market.

Sleeping well during the night helps you to remain healthy. A healthy mind in a healthy body— that’s a motto that we shouldn’t forget—and we all know that for a healthy mind, we need rest. Tiredness puts its mark on our powers of concentration, memory and state of mind. The Memory Foam Tencel Pillow can help you keep yourself healthy.



This pillow is a smart innovation that offers to its users a lot of comfort. The Memory Foam Tencel Pillow has a Tencel cover, which is ultra-breathable, and helps the pillow to keep you cool during the night. The cover is very soft and you will want to keep your head on the pillow for hours. The Tencel fabric contains ultra-soft eucalyptus fibers—it’s an effective alternative to bamboo fibers. The cover is good for people with sensitive skin.

The memory foam does not lose is shape, even after a long years of use. The micro-shredded memory foam keeps the temperature at an optimum level so that you do not sweat while you sleep. The shredded foam allows the air to circulate in the proper way, dissipating heat away from the body while you sleep. It has long life—the foam is manufactured in a certain way, so that even after a year, the pillow keeps its shape as like new.

The Tencel pillow is hypoallergenic, and it resists dust mites, mold and bacterial accumulation, which can cause odors in a pillow if not checked.

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  • The Memory Foam Tencel Pillow is very soft. Its cover is breathable and ensures good air ventilation. The bamboo fibers are replaced with soft eucalyptus fibers—which are smoother. This content provides comfort, determines the pillow to be soft, but also provides a good support for the neck, at the same time
  • It’s hypoallergenic—It is recommended for people who suffer of allergies. It prevents dust mites from accumulating in the pillow, as well as molds and bacteria. People who opted for the Memory Foam Tencel Pillow, are breathing much better during their sleep and their allergies are not triggered when they use this pillow. No more sneezing, coughing, stuffed noses or snoring
  • This pillow helps you stay in a good position, so that you don’t wake up with neck pain, and during the night, you won’t toss from side to side trying to get comfortable—this agitation will be significantly diminished. You will sleep better and you won’t be constantly rearranging your pillow to obtain the optimal comfort level for you
  • The memory shredded foam makes the pillow breathable, allowing for improved air circulation. This will pull heat away from the body, and prevent you from sweating during the night. This foam blend also provides comfort, softness and has a long life
  • You will receive your money back if you are not satisfied with the Memory Foam Tencel Pillow, or you can get another pillow in exchange


  • It has a smell that is a little bit unpleasant which might disturb certain people who are more sensitive to smells and odors. These people might want to reject the pillow because of the scent. But this issue can be solved by you can wash it and then letting it dry in the open air for several days, after which the scent should completely disappear. It may need to be washed two or three times, but it will be well worth the effort
  • The Memory Foam Tencel pillow might be considered too lumpy by some people, and they might want a different pillow. Although this is a top-rated product, it doesn’t mean that is suitable for everybody. Many of the issues brought up by reviewers of the product are subjective, and not necessarily true for other individuals




The Memory Foam Tencel Pillow is an improved pillow made of memory shredded foam, with a high quality guaranteed by Camden Hill—a very well-known name on the market. In contrast with other classic shredded memory foam pillows, the qualities of this one, are more innovative and fulfill the needs of users much better. The improved elements that have been added, like the aromatherapy, the cover, the memory foam blend, the eucalyptus fibers, elevates this pillow above all other shredded memory foam pillows. It is currently the best memory foam sleeping pillow on the market, and is top-rated.


Of all the shredded memory foam pillows on the market, the Memory Foam Tencel Pillow is the best. Its quality has the final word—it’s almost perfect.

Traditional pillows lose their shape over time, becoming flat, and losing their softness and smoothness.  But, this pillow keeps its shape and qualities even if it is used in an excessive way for a long time. Because of its CertiPur Memory Foam Blend, is the softest pillow on the market.

It is difficult to find the right pillow that suits you and fulfills your needs, but you should try this one. You won’t regret, because its quality is guaranteed by Camden Hill, a brand which provides only quality products.

We should recognize that the Memory Foam Tencel Pillow is the softest and most comfortable pillow. If you haven’t tried it, you will be surprised in a good way. You will find everything you need for a very good, deep and comfortable sleep. That is all you need—a winning combination of comfort, rest, quiet, and health. It has 4 out of 5 stars with 94% four stars or higher, and this makes it one of the top reviewed memory foam pillows out there. It only has 1% of one star reviews with a significant amount. We recommend this memory foam pillow.

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