Contour Products Cool Gel Infused Leg Pillow from Contour Products Review

To ensure a good night’s sleep, you need to be comfortable, and in a healthy and well-aligned position for your body. Sleep deprivation is a serious condition, and one which can lead to a plethora of other health issues in the future. For that reason, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, without regular interruption, is key for not only your temper, focus, and concentration, but your health overall.

You might not realize that using a memory foam knee pillow is a great way to make sure you are comfortable while sleeping because it keeps your body in a healthy position, without twisting the spine and pelvis. Proper alignment also boosts blood circulation. Using a memory foam cool knee pillow is easy; you simply place the pillow between your knees, and if you sleep on your side, this will ensure proper alignment of your knees, thighs, hips and lower back.

The Contour Products Cool Gel Infused Leg Pillow is a top choice, and one which has received very positive reviews. If you are looking for a contour memory foam knee pillow which aims to keep you, comfortable, and aligned cool during your night’s sleep, this is a pillow you need to look into before you make your purchase


  • Available as a single set or a double set
  • The pillow is made of 40% viscose material, and 60% polyester
  • Designed to keep you cool, thanks to the gel infusion
  • Made of two separate layers of foam for extra support and comfort
  • Lightweight at just 10.4 oz.
  • Removable cover which is machine washable for easy cleaning
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  • The gel infusion is designed to keep you cooler during the night, without having to worry about perspiration or becoming too warm when using the pillow
  • Two layers of foam add to the comfort levels, but they also give you extra support
  • The inner core of foam is designed to help the pillow keep its shape over time, without flattening out or becoming shapeless
  • This memory foam cool knee pillow helps to ensure the hips and pelvis are kept stable during the night, and prevent the top leg from falling forward while sleeping on your side
  • Aligns the hips, thighs, knees, and spine, relieving pain and sciatica symptoms
  • Lightweight at just 10.4oz, can be taken anywhere with you
  • Machine washable, removable cover
  • From a big named brand, which gives you extra peace of mind


  • This knee rest pillow is not specifically mentioned as being designed for pregnant women
  • Some users state that the pillow is a little too large and thick
  • Some users also state that the pillow takes a while to get used to
  • A few users also mention that the pillow doesn’t keep you as cool as you might expect

Who is this product best for?

Side sleepers are best served by this knee rest pillow, as it helps keep the pelvis and spine aligned, stopping the top leg from falling forwards and creating strain on the lower back. Anyone who suffers from sciatica will also find relief from symptoms by using this pillow, because it forces the spine, knees, and hips into the correct alignment. Proper alignment also ensures improved circulation.

Anyone who suffers from lower back pain, sciatica, knee, or hip pain can use this leg pillow to help them gain relief from discomfort, and therefore ensure a good night’s sleep. Pillows of this type are also occasionally used in pregnancy to help with lower back pain; while this pillow description doesn’t mention use during pregnancy, women should check with their doctors before using.


This memory foam cool knee pillow is available as a single purchase, or you can buy in a two pack as well. The main focus of this pillow is the gel infusion, which is designed to keep you cool during the night, without sweating or becoming too warm by using the pillow as an addition to your sleeping routine. The outer layer is gel infused, and there are two layers of memory foam for comfort and support, with the inner core designed to help the pillow hold its shape over time.

Made of polyester and viscose, the pillow case is easy to remove and is machine washable, which means you can easily keep it clean, without having to put up with stains or yellowing over time.

The manufacturer has been in the industry since 1991, and because they are a known and tested brand, you can rest assured you are getting a quality program with Contour Products Cool Gel Infused Leg Pillow. Despite that fact, there are a few negative comments from users, which you have to weigh with the many pros and positives. Some users do state that the pillow feels a little too large and thick, and that it takes some time to get used to, and mostly these complaints were subjective and not related to quality. Countless other users state that the pillow is ideal for their needs and has allowed them to get the sleep they need, allowing them to wake up refreshed and pain free, by remedying their alignment problems.


If you are suffering from lower back, hip or knee pain and discomfort which is affecting the quality of your sleep, look into a knee support or leg pillow such as this Contour Products Cool Gel Infused Leg Pillow. Not only will you experience a better night’s sleep as a result, you will also benefit from proper alignment of your spine, hips, and thighs, and better circulation too. This is a very reasonably priced product, so you will also realize that your bank account won’t suffer.

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