Dreamfinity Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Review

The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pillow will give you greater support and keep you from getting overheated when you sleep. It features gel technology that prevents your head and neck from overheating while you sleep. If other types of pillows haven’t quite done the trick, this type of pillow might be what you need. It is designed differently from traditional style pillows this article will discuss the features, as well as the good and bad points. This review should help you determine if this pillow is a good fit for your specific needs.



  • The Dreamfinity cooling gel and memory foam pillow uses Hydraluxe gel to give you the cool and comfortable support while you are sleeping
  • This pillow has high-quality memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body to bring you support for your head and neck, no matter what position you sleep in
  • It has a removable cover that is also machine washable so you don’t have to spot clean
  • The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Pillow weighs 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 20″ x 13” x 5”
  • The pillow comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Durable memory foam contours to the curves of your head and neck
  • This pillow has gel technology that helps keep you cool at night so you sleep better with less tossing and turning
>>Comfort Plus Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Pillow by Dreamfinity<<


  • This pillow has medium support for those who like a good amount of support, but not a stiff pillow.
  • The gel technology keeps you cool all night so you don’t wake up overheated during the night
  • The cover is machine washable to help keep it clean and sanitary
  • This pillow is large enough for most people’s comfort
  • The product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • The pillow comes with quality memory foam for a great night’s sleep
  • The Dreamfinity Cooling Gel & Memory Foam comes at an affordable price


  • The memory foam may shrink substantially in the night depending on how you lay on it, which may not be what you expect
  • The gel can eventually quit working like it did when it was new so you many need to replace it sooner than you may want
  • The pillow has a mild factory fresh odor that some people do not like
  • If you want a firm pillow, then this may not be ideal for you. It is leaning toward the soft pillow side rather than firm


The Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is a similar pillow that is designed to prevent the buildup of heat, and keep you cool and comfortable when sleeping. Instead of using gel technology, it has small beads that are designed to accomplish the cooling action that the Dreamfinity gel pillow is created to do. It is more like a traditional pillow in as far as the shape and size of the product, but it does not conform to your contours like the Dreamfinity pillow, and it does not have a removable cover for easy washing.

PharMeDoc is a similar pillow on the market. It has a gel technology that is a bit different than the Dreamfinity pillow, using a woven gel texture rather than a full solid gel coating. It doesn’t quite accomplish the same type of cooling effect because it uses less gel than the Dreamfinity pillow. This pillow also tends to have a strong odor when you first purchase it and requires that you air it out before using it.


If you need a pillow that will enhance a good night’s sleep and keep you from overheating, then this may be the right product for your needs. The gel coating is the secret to keeping you cool while you sleep. The great thing about this pillow is that it is a memory foam pillow which will conform to the contours of your head and neck, keeping you from having to constantly adjust the pillow’s position during the night. Other pillows don’t provide the type of support that a memory foam pillow does and there will be pressure points that are not supported. If you are in need of very firm support you might not be a big fan of this particular pillow. It tends to lean towards the softer side and will become more compact as you sleep. The memory foam will continue to get smaller as you sleep, so that is something to keep in mind before you purchase the pillow.

If you have been having trouble sleeping at night, then this may be an economical solution that you can try before attempting other more expensive methods of trying to get a good night’s sleep. It is a good size so it will fit most people fairly well. It has materials in the middle that help to promote air circulation, which is also beneficial when trying to keep your head cool at night. If you haven’t been able to find a good pillow that can keep you comfortable at night, no matter what position or side that you sleep on, then this may be the perfect product for you. Another great feature of this pillow is the price. It is moderately priced, just slightly more than a regular pillow, which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the results that the Dreamfinity pillow delivers. Pillows that are similar to this brand are quite a bit more expensive and do not deliver the same quality and results that the Dreamfinity pillow offers. If you need to wash the cover, all you have to do is simply remove it and throw it in the washing machine. Other pillows that offer cooling action normally require that you spot clean them which is not very hygienic.

Overall, this is a pretty good purchase and you will most likely love the results that the Dreamfinity pillow delivers. It is lightweight and easily cleaned. It is cost effective and combines quality construction with gel technology to give you a great night’s sleep.

>>Comfort Plus Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Pillow by Dreamfinity<<

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