Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations Review

Memory foam pillows usually work great as body pillows, providing the required alignment to your body as you sleep in all kinds of awkward positions through the night. These pillows are crafted to provide excellent comfort and soothing relaxation to the body and mind—both of which require de-stressing to enable you to sleep well.

From soothing tired nerves to alleviating stress, and relieving aches and pressure on different parts of the body, a memory foam pillow is designed to deliver all kinds of benefits to the user. It’s ideal particularly for those suffering from physical discomfort and also those coping with maternity blues. What you need to do, however, is to get the right brand and quality pillow.

Talking of a good quality memory foam body pillow, the Embrace Memory Body Pillow comes with a lot of innovative features to make relaxed sleep possible and simple. With this pillow to cuddle into, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep, all night and every night.  It’s like being hugged to sleep in the comfort of a loved one’s arms.



Boasting of the characteristic quality of Sleep Innovations, this body pillow does more than provide night-long comfort. It keeps the body and the mind fresh all day, right through the next day, till you go to bed again. Here’s a list of some of the features of this body pillow you may like to check out, to your advantage.

  • It’s a soft and large pillow, designed to give total body comfort, backed by relief, relaxation and rest, to all users, particularly pregnant women
  • This body pillow is perfect for providing extraordinarily high level of support for those who tend to sleep on their back, side or stomach, or tend to turn and toss during the night
  • You’ll find this memory foam body pillow crafted to provide great support to all your body parts
  • It’s designed to give support to all body parts, from the neck to the back, knees and more, thus ensuring that you get total, uninterrupted comfort and relaxation while sleeping
  • It has a soft fiber-filled removable cover to augment the softness and soothing effect on your body, hence easing all stress and pressure out of it
  • With its wide range of options, you’ll find something to suit your needs and to fit your body, while its customized design makes this body pillow extremely adaptable to your body shape. The way it molds to your body will make you feel comfortably hugged and cocooned
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  • With its 5-year limited warranty and the USA-made foam, you won’t find this memory foam pillow losing shape, even with prolonged use, making it worth every cent spent
  • The support this body pillow provides is gentle and relaxing, irrespective of how firm or soft it may feel to your skin. So you’ll find it ideal for you needs, whatever they may be
  • This odorless pillow will not cause you the kind of discomfort which many others of its kind do on account of their unpleasant smell; it has virtually no smell even when just unpacked
  • The gracious size of this memory foam pillow makes it suitable for people of all heights and builds, not just in terms of its length but also its width
  • The construction of this body pillow is such that it neither heats up nor becomes too cold after coming in contact with your body. And with your body temperature maintained at a regular level, you’ll find yourself enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep


Before going in for purchase of this body pillow, it may be a good idea to check out the negatives associated with it.

  • Its large size makes this pillow somewhat bulky and heavy, which means you can’t really lug it around, from one room to another, without straining yourself. So if you want to sleep or rest in different rooms at different times, then this one may not be the most suitable body pillow for you
  • You may find it excessively soft, which means it may not be much use to you if you’re planning to sit up in bed and work, or even just read a book


You may not find this pillow to be the best of choices when it comes to selecting a body pillow that you can easily move from one room to another. Once you’ve put in on your bed, you’d need to simply forget about it, because it’s there to stay, unless you plan to expend a lot of your energy just trying to carry it around. And that, obviously, will defeat the purpose behind getting hold of this memory foam body pillow since its relaxed comfort you want from it, not stressful effort.

So if you want something easily transportable, you should ideally go for a body pillow which is lighter and more compact, especially if you’re yourself not on the bulky or heavier side. The shredded memory foam has a slight advantage on this count, and you’ll find quite a few pillows that are made of that, and are more suitable for your needs


One count on which the Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations definitely scores is its ability to embrace people of all sizes and builds. The way it shapes up to your body makes it a great pillow to hug as you sleep through the night—without stress, pain or pressure of any kind, to any part of your body. Barring the bulk, which prevents easy mobility, there’s actually very little to complain about in this pillow, which is designed to provide night-long comfort and extraordinary restfulness.

So check out the Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow from Sleep Innovations before you make your purchase, and you will see that you will be able to sleep tonight, and every night thereafter. It’s build to last and made to relax.

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