Gotcha Covered Contour Memory Foam Pillowcase Review

It may not seem like a challenge when you think about buying pillowcases for memory foam pillows; what could be so difficult about purchasing a pillow case? Think again. There is a lot you need to consider for you do not want to damage the quality of an expensive contour memory foam pillow with a pillowcase that does not properly fit, because we all want to lay our heads on our pillow that envelopes us with a soft touch.  A good choice would be the Gotcha Covered Contour Memory Foam Pillowcase.

Since there are so many pillowcases on the market to choose from, here are some features of the Gotcha Covered Contour Memory Foam Pillowcase that differentiates it from being “just another pillowcase.”

Features of this contour memory foam pillowcase:

  • It is made from 100% combed cotton that has been woven into a 310 percale
  • This pillowcase has been finished off by hand, offering a more personal touch for each one
  • It has a European envelope closure to keep your pillow tucked inside
  • It is available in different sizes with the medium size being able to fit a 19” x 13” x 4” Tempurpedic standard neck pillow
  • This pillowcase has been made available in neutral colors


The single-ply combed cotton percale yarns offer a traditional crisp feel, exactly what you want from a pillowcase. The traditional Percale cotton wears into beautiful softness that wraps around your head for a peaceful night’s rest. Percale is also very well known for being a durable fabric with a matte finish, your bedroom will be introduced to a classic feel with these pillow cases.

When the summer heat has your body temperature rising, the lightweight 310 thread count of this pillow case will help keep your head cool so you can have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The neutral color ranges these pillow cases are available in, make color coordination easy, especially for your themed bedroom. These pillows have a European envelope closure which means your pillow will be neatly enclosed within its case and you will not have to worry about your pillow inner sliding out at night.

This pillowcase fits the Tempurpedic pillow, not many pillow cases fit this specific pillow; even some that have been advertised to fit this pillow, don’t, so it is a welcomed relief for many Tempurpedic customers to be able to purchase a pillowcase that fits just right. This pillowcase is better known for being able to fit some of the smallest memory foam pillows on the market that are too small for your standard sized pillowcases.

It is always a worry when you launder something, that it might shrink, that the quality will be compromised, or that the soft cotton feel will be lost. These pillowcases launder well and their quality is not lost. You can rest assured that once this pillowcase returns from a wash cycle that its soft feel will not be lost and it will not shrink in size, still fitting your same memory foam pillow just the way it used to.


As with nearly all products, with the pros there are usually some cons too; luckily in the case of the Gotcha Covered Contour Memory Foam Pillowcase, the pros have outweighed the cons.

Although it is great that these pillows are available in a neutral color range to fit most bedroom color schemes, it would be great if the range was extended to include more vibrant colors, especially to suit the younger generation. A larger color range would suit a lot more bedrooms without having to compromise changing décor or altering a theme.

The price of this pillowcase may have consumers digging a little deep into their pockets for just a pillowcase, it could rather be money well spent on a better memory foam pillow.

This is a small pillowcase and its range of sizes are very limited, you first have to measure your memory foam pillow before purchasing this pillowcase otherwise you will be disappointed if you have a bigger memory foam pillow and a pillowcase that is too small.


If budget is a problem and you still want to get a great quality pillowcase, by Gotcha Covered, to protect your memory foam pillow, then an option would be the Gotcha Covered Classic Collection Memory Foam Pillowcase. However, with a lower price comes some sacrifice in quality. The Classic Collection pillowcase has a 300 thread count and only comes in three colors. The ivory pillowcases are made from polyester bridal satin as opposed to the 100% cotton percale weave that the ecru and white pillowcases are made from. Choosing a color from this range may mean receiving a different material all together.  This pillowcase also has the envelope closure to keep your memory foam pillow comfortably in place. Perhaps it is worth it to spend the few extra dollars on the Gotcha Covered Contour Memory Foam Pillowcase—you will receive a much better product in comparison.


This pillowcase is a perfect fit for the Tempurpedic memory foam pillow and is favored by Tempurpedic customers. However, before purchasing this pillowcase, it is advisable to measure your memory foam pillow (adding a few extra centimeters for a comfortable fit). Because this pillowcase comes in a very small size range, you do not want to damage your expensive memory foam pillow by squeezing it into a pillowcase that is too small. The 310 thread count and the single-ply combed cotton percale offer a traditional crisp feel, and together with its envelope closure, it is definitely a great pillowcase to purchase to keep your expensive memory foam pillow safe within. The price you will pay is reasonable considering the quality you will receive.  This product is a win if it fits your memory foam pillow.

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