Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow Review

There are many types of pillows, which is why it is important to choose your model well when buying a new one; especially a travel mate. It is the pillow that provides us the rest necessary to face our tiring days. So, do you have an idea of what criteria to take into consideration to choose well? Most people opt for a pocket spring version or for a memory foam version.

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic foam. It was originally invented for space travel. Be aware that you will never find a fully memory foam pillow. This technology can be coupled with foam or springs for example.


Features of this Travel memory foam neck pillow:

The memory foam is thermos-sensitive; it means it will react depending on the heat. It is sensitive to the warmth of the room but also to the warmth of your body. Care must be taken to maintain a temperature of around 20 ° C so as not to lie on a concrete block.

The memory foam is definitely the type of suspension that offers the best support. This memory foam technology brings great sleeping comfort while you travel because the muscles relax, allowing the body to relax more easily. You could say that you are in a place of weightlessness and well-being.

It is specifically designed to provide just the right softness for the most comfortable support for the neck. This new model comes incorporated with a removable memory foam insert which makes it possible to adjust the pillow’s thickness based on your preference.

The thermo-sensitive memory foam simply molds to the body’s natural contours to provide a custom fit. It helps relieve any tension, caused by prolonged sitting, in the neck and shoulders. The cover is machine-washable, has a built-in elastic strap which simplifies transportation without taking up extra space.

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It is essential to know that there is no bedding composed of 100% memory foam. In general, it is accompanied by another technology, such as polyurethane for example.

  • The viscoelastic layer on top will allow you to enjoy an exceptional feeling of relaxation, because the memory foam will perfectly fit the lines of your body and adapt to it. You will then feel relief from the pressure on each of your joints.
  • Memory foam neck pillows for people with neck problems. The use of a memory pillow as specified by specialists in the sector is strongly advised, because it manages to reduce compression points.
  • The use of a memory pillow will also suit people with allergies. Indeed, most of the foams are treated so as to be hypoallergenic, anti-mite, anti-mold or antibacterial.
  • Memory foam neck pillows would also be perfect for a couple during a long travel, notably thanks to the sleeping independence that it offers. This means that you will not feel the movements of the sleeping person at your side.

Note that, a sleeper would change an average of 40 times per night. We can therefore say that this independence of sleeping is very appreciable, especially when the spouse has a rather restless sleep.


  • A memory foam neck pillow will not necessarily suit those looking for a very soft pillow with a slight rebound effect. Since the pillow absorbs all your movements during your sleep, it is possible that changing positions is not the easiest. This type of pillow suffers from a lack of characteristic dynamism.
  • The principle of heat reaction of the pillow, although in most cases an advantage, can possibly become a disadvantage if the pillow is used in an area that is too hot or too cold. A feeling of sleeping on a pillow that is too hard (to avoid as mentioned here) could be felt if the pillow is used in an environment that is too cold. And conversely, the pillow will look too soft if used in a high temperature environment, making the changes in positions a bit more difficult.
  • The enveloping system of the pillow is triggered by body heat, which can also vary according to the ambient temperature. The ideal solution would be to use your memory foam neck pillow in a room whose temperature is between 20 and 23 degrees. This is not always obvious during travel. In this temperature range, your pillow will then be able to offer you an optimal comfort.


More and more people are interested in the technology and benefits of memory foam pillows. However, there is still some hesitation about its true effectiveness and the different types of effects that this type of pillow provides.

You should know that the best memory foam travel pillow is made available in SOFT (H2) and HARD (H3) versions. These types of pillows are known for their excellent elasticity and flexibility. It provides optimum pressure relief of body pressure which allows the circulation of a larger volume of air inside the pillow thus ensuring good rest and the ideal temperature for a comfortable journey.



The surface of a memory foam pillow contributes to the optimum distribution of body pressure, and then the return to its original shape (the material is elastic) adapts perfectly to the body, and helps to eliminate pressure points which may be uncomfortable.

The orthopedic mattress adapts perfectly to the areas of the body, thus relieving the joints and back, giving you a wonderfully relaxing and restful sleep. The pressure dissipation structure is specially designed to provide sleeping comfort and elasticity, even when changing sitting positions.

In areas of high pressure, it supports the shoulder, offering the body an ideal and suitable position. In the supine position, the natural S-shape of the vertebral column on the side naturally sinks into the mattress, providing the entire muscular system with a deep, refreshing sleep.

This foam travel pillow guarantees comfortable and restorative nights. How would you like to feel rested every time you woke up from sleep!

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