Utopia Bedding’s Comfortable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover and Removable Case Review

The importance of a supportive pillow for all sleeping positions or postures cannot be over emphasized. A pillow can determine the outcome of your sleep or rest. Someone once said, “It is possible for your body to sleep without actually resting, but you can’t completely rest without sleeping.” This explains why some people wake up sore or tired. Hence, a good night’s sleep is the very key for a healthy body and mind.

Utopia bedding is an ultimate memory foam pillow queen size brand manufactured with the highest quality and innovative technology designed for your total comfort. The shredded memory foam pillow is thick and firm, and you can be sure that it won’t flatten out during your sleep. It is perfect for all sleeping positions, particularly for side sleepers. This is because it provides the support you need to keep your neck in line with your back to avoid unnecessary stress, strain, or discomfort. This product is firm and thick enough to ensure that your neck is held in line with your spine, and soft enough for luxurious comfort. It is an excellent pillow for stomach and side sleepers, as this is their major challenge.



  • Queen pillow with dimensions 19 x 26 inches. This is a standard pillow size which is smaller than a king size pillow. The height is perfect for stomach, side and back sleepers
  • Made from shredded memory foam. Unlike other kinds of support pillows, air can flow through the shredded memory foam. It is a good feature for your comfort
  • The case is made from the perfect blend of bamboo and polyester. This feature makes it durable, soft and eco-friendly


  • Flexible and user friendly—The memory foam queen size pillow is very flexible and user friendly. You can adjust its thickness to tend to your desired comfort. It allows you to fluff it up or thin it out to suit your individual needs. It provides satisfactory support, no matter which sleeping position you prefer. Unlike solid foam pillows, the shredded foam pillow allows you to form the pillow to suit your needs (sleeping position). You can, however, sleep comfortably in any position
  • Ideal for allergies—It is great for people with allergies as it provides for comfort at the same time. It is resistant to dust mites, allergens and bacteria. This means you can avoid your allergies and still have a luxurious night’s rest. However, it is not just for people who have allergies
  • Comfortable and sound sleep— Because of its pores, the bamboo and polyester blend resists moisture and allows easy flow of air, keeping it cool while meeting your comfort and health needs. It is dust mite resistant. Hence, you can go to bed without having to worry about any form of mite infestation. With the shredded memory foam, your comfort is guaranteed all night long. The shredded foam also allows for constant air flow, keeping your pillow cool and comfortable throughout the night. It also avoids the accumulation of heat and moisture during your sleep. This helps to keep bacteria and molds out
  • Health benefits—The bamboo blend has natural antimicrobial properties which limits the growth of mold and generally repels bacterial action. The constant air circulation of the shredded memory foam and bamboo blend also helps to regulate your body’s temperature and keeps you comfortable all night long.
  • Ideal for all ages and pregnancy—The memory foam queen size pillow provides great support for individuals of all ages. It is also great for pregnant women and postnatal sleeping positions. This is because it is extra firm and flexible at the same time. So whether you are a child or a senior citizen, this foam pillow is sure to provide you with the comfort you deserve
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  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Ideal for allergic individuals
  • Shredded foam allows for free flow of air and cooling comfort
  • It is ideal for recommended bed rest, no matter you condition. It helps injured or sick people have a more comfortable night’s rest
  • It can be used by any individual irrespective of age
  • It is smooth and soft for luxurious comfort.


  • It comes hard and lumpy and particles need to be broken down
  • The foam when packaged retains an odor that can be eliminated by airing it
  • Relatively heavier than other memory foam queen size pillows

Product comparison

When compared to the Bamboo Best Premium Down Alternative Fiber Pillow, these two pillows are both shredded memory pillows and are about the same size. Unlike other bamboo pillows, the Bamboo Down Alternative Fiber Pillow is fully adjustable, very flexible and allows you to adjust to your comfort by adding or removing the fill. However, the memory foam pillow doesn’t require that kind of adjustment to achieve maximum comfort. You can be comfortable no matter your size and sleeping position. Moreover, they are both suitable for all sleeping positions and they both use bamboo blends as a cover.

The shredded memory foam pillow has about the same features as the Bamboo Soft Poly Fill pillow. In addition to other known features of shredded foam pillows, the Bamboo Soft Poly Fill pillow provides a great relief from snoring and insomnia. The memory foam pillow goes a long way to meet your health needs and accommodate allergies. With the shredded memory foam pillow, insomnia will not be an option.

Final verdict

Utopia Bedding’s Comfortable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover and Removable Case is a good choice when you are looking for a queen size memory foam pillow. It is very comfortable and flexible, and it is also a good choice for its current price. If you want a peaceful night’s rest, free of aches and discomfort, you should check out the shredded memory foam pillow. It is eco-friendly and excellent for regulating your body temperature, keeping you sweat free and very comfortable all night long. It currently has 3.6 out of 5 stars with 74% 4 star or higher, and 14% with 1 star. There are some better  memory foam pillows out there and we recommend you read more Best Memory Foam Pillow reviews before purchasing this pillow.

>>Amazon link to Utopia Bedding Comfortable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover (Queen) – Removable Case<<

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