Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow Review

If you’re looking for a good memory foam body pillow to keep your body ensconced in relaxing comfort, then the Original Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow Review with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo, is the answer to your needs. This US-made body pillow from Coop Home Goods is a full body memory foam pillow designed to create an ideal environment for you which is conducive to perfect sleep and rest. Summer or winter, hot or cold weather, you’ll find this body pillow ideal for all your comfort and sleep needs. So if you want to simply rest your aching back and shoulders, and possibly your legs and arms too, just go for this body pillow. And if you want a good night’s restful sleep, then again, this is the one for you. Its customizable design and construction make this shredded memory foam body pillow a perfect fit for all your needs.



The range of features of this Coop Home Goods memory foam body pillow will leave you more than amazed. It will actually inspire you to work better and remain energized all day, by helping you sleep well through the night, or maybe just rest your aching body through the day. With this memory foam pillow hugging your tired body, you’ll really need nothing more to get some much-needed peace and comfort, as well as relief from aches and pressure.

The CeriPUR-US certified foam used to make this body pillow has no ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, CFCs, TCEP flame retardants—in short, it has nothing that can harm your body in any way—a fact tested and endorsed by independent accredited testing laboratories.

This memory foam body pillow is not only dust mite resistant but also hypoallergenic, which means total safety for those prone to allergies, and also for pregnant women.

You can easily machine wash the whole pillow, thanks to the 40% viscose rayon fabric used in the pillow case. The viscose rayon comes from bamboo. The remaining 60% is polyester, thereby ensuring excellent support for sleeping, especially while sleeping on your side.

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  • The 30-day return guarantee is an added bonus, as you can get a full refund if not satisfied within that period, without any questions being asked
  • Since it molds with your body, the support provided by this shredded memory foam body pillow is exceptionally good
  • It’s fluffy and soft, and in fact easy to fluff up or thin out as you may need to do, in order to suit your specific sleep requirements
  • By helping regulate your body temperature, this body pillow keeps you comfortably cool day after day, night after night, irrespective of the temperatures outside.
  • This body pillow comes with a 5-year warranty, so you need not worry about find a frequent replacement. One thing it’s not going to do is leave you in the lurch. It’s well made and crafted for long-lasting comfort.


The excellent benefits of this memory foam body pillow notwithstanding, you’re likely to come across certain negatives which you may like to analyze before taking the final decision on its purchase.

  • Not everyone likes the amount of fluffiness this pillow claims. So if you’re one of them, beware. It may not, frankly, be your cup of tea. It’s definitely not one of those nicely firm pillows that your body aches for at the end of a hard day. Its excessive softness makes the memory foam pillow uncomfortable for those who want firm support for their body
  • The shreds in the memory foam tend to make the body pillow a little lumpy, and hence uncomfortable, and fluffing it back into shape can be a tough proposition indeed
  • You may find the odor this body pillow releases the moment it’s taken out of its packaging somewhat overpowering, and unfortunately nothing—not even throwing the pillow into a dryer, seems to help
  • The foam doesn’t seem to be the best of quality and the pillow tends to get indented after a few days of use, and even the most aggressive of your efforts may fail to bring back into shape


Unlike a normal memory foam body pillow, which tends to build up heat as a result of poor air circulation, the shredded memory foam pillow is designed to keep you cool and relaxed, with its breathable fabric to maintain air flow. And it does so without compromising on the support provided by a regular memory flow body pillow. Interestingly, even as it adapts itself to suit your body position, it doesn’t go out of shape and provides the shapeability of a down pillow.


You can use this body pillow to sleep or simply as a prop to support your back while you watch television or read a book, or perhaps simply work at your laptop trying to close some urgent assignment. Since it combines the support provided by a memory foam pillow with the softness and flexibility of a down pillow, the original shredded memory foam body pillow provides an excellent custom fit.

It’s highly breathable, which means you’re not going to be left struggling to breathe while sleeping in its soothing comfort. The fact that you can actually reduce the fluffiness at the top end of the pillow makes it ideal for supporting your knees, which is especially useful for a side sleeper. The bamboo cover gives an added cooling advantage to this pillow, which you’re simply going to love if you want your pillow to remain well ventilated while sleeping, which is something not many other pillows in this range provide.

This is one of the best-selling body pillows on the market. It comes in with very high ratings of 4.6 out of 5 with 90% four stars or higher, and only 3% one star. This body pillow is selling for around $70 currently, and we recommend it.

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