Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow Review

Sleep is one of the most important factors which impacts person’s happiness, health and well-being. But did you know that there are millions of people who suffer from insomnia all around the world? Difficulty sleeping not only makes us uncomfortable, but also impacts our health in a negative way. No one wants to wake up tired and looking older than they really are, because they didn’t get enough beauty sleep.

Some people will try common solutions like:

  • Using sleeping pills—We all know how effective they can be, but some users also experience serious side effects
  • Reading a book before bedtime—It seems easier and healthier, but may not be suitable for all because the mind can wander and further increase the inability to sleep
  • Using electronic devices before going to bed and hoping that it will kill time and help to fall to sleep. Everyone knows that this way is completely counterproductive

Actually, the best way to ensure you get a good night’s sleep is by using a suitable and high-quality pillow like the Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow. We need an appropriate and comfortable position to fall asleep faster, and a good pillow keeps your head and neck in the proper alignment, which will help you avoid a painful awakening in the morning.  Let’s see how the Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillows does it.



  • Size: The standard size is: 21” x 16” x 4.8”—This is a standard size pillow which is suitable for most people. You can easily buy pillowcases to fit at any linen and bedding store, or you can find them online
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • This memory foam support pillow uses the latest innovation called Biofoam. It includes natural green tea extract and all-natural active charcoal, which is why your pillow will always be fresh. The pillow has the ability to absorb moisture and remain smelling fresh.
  • This bed pillow is for everyone, even side-sleepers
  • The poly-velour cover is removable and washable
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty
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First, the bed pillow is firm, but soft.  This is the feedback from users who have bought and loved their Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow.  Your head and neck will be sufficiently supported and kept in proper alignment with your spine. The softness and reshaping capabilities will keep you comfortable all night long.

Secondly, It is suitable for everyone, even side-sleepers. It can even be used for children, even those with sensitive skin. They will have the correct supportive position for their head and neck.

We know that there are multiple pillows on the market from which you can choose, but why should you select this pillow instead of all the others?

There are many kinds of pillows and you should do your research in order to find the one which will best suit your needs. When you compare the Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow to all similar bed pillows on the market, you will discover the unique features which set it apart from all others.

This Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow is made from nature materials, and includes naturally active charcoal and green tea extract. This allows the pillow to absorb moisture while neutralizing any odor-producing bacteria. It will not only keep you comfortable, it is also completely safe for your health.

The set of two memory foam support pillows comes at an affordable price. With all these great natural features, it will be hard to believe that the set is so price friendly.

Customer reviews

Most customers agree that the Sleep Master Memory Foam Traditional Pillow is the best available pillow on the market, with tons of great benefits, and a great bed pillow. It provides the perfect blend of firmness and support, and softness for your head and neck. Reviewers have also said that it is much cooler than traditional pillows, which keeps them from sweating when they sleep. Many previous down pillow enthusiasts have switched to the memory foam support pillow because of the ability of the memory foam to refill in, so there are no flat spots in the pillow, or bunching of materials on one side or the other.

One issue from reviewers is that the pillow was smaller than they expected for a standard-size pillow.  There were worries that standard pillowcases would be too large, but the appropriate size cases are available for sale in the bedding departments of large retail stores, or online. However, if you are larger than average, this might be an issue for you, and you might want to look at other models.


There are so many people in the world who have difficulty sleeping due to the fact that they are using the wrong pillow. A memory foam support pillow should provide enough support for your head and neck, and keep them in alignment with your spine. The memory foam is refilling, so there will be no pockets formed where your head has been positioned, once you change positions. The extra features like the natural materials, including active charcoal and green tea for absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors, add to make the Sleep Master Foam Traditional Pillow one of the best there is, at a price of around $38 for two you must look twice to believe.

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