Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Pillow

Everybody wants to have a good sleep every night, but there are many things that prevent you from getting the appropriate amount of sleep that you need every night—stress, health problems, pain. The role of your pillow is more important than you might think. Most of neck pains result from sleeping on the wrong pillow when your head, neck and shoulders are not properly aligned with your spine. Make sure that your pillow is not a cause of your discomfort.

The Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow can be the answer to your sleep problems. It is perfect for both back and side sleepers, with the advanced contour pillow offering a high level of comfort during sleep. It helps you breathe better by keeping your head in a suitable position, and it reduces snoring—people who suffer from this affliction will notice improvement when sleeping on it.



  • It has a special form, not found in other pillows. The neck bolster has an important role—it cradles the neck and chin, and also provides good support
  • Natural elements, such as green tea, are added to the composition of the pillow to remove any unpleasant odors. It’s eco-friendly, with no toxic chemicals inside it, and none used in the growth and processing of the components. This advanced contour pillow is a healthy pillow
  • Manufactured of memory foam, it’s the perfect solution for neck pain. It molds perfectly to the head and neck, while remaining soft and smooth. The memory foam has an intelligent feature—the pillow keeps its shape and returns to its original form after you get up or switch sides during the night
  • This contour pillow has a special ventilation system inside it; it has a lot of holes which assure maximum air circulation. The air flow is much better than other pillow models. Through this system, the temperature is controlled, because heat is dissipated away from the body
  • It’s also hypoallergenic and it is recommended for people who have allergies
  • The Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow is manufactured in the USA and they are of high quality. They provide good support for neck, for both back and side sleepers.
  • The Seep Joy Visco-Fresh advanced contour pillow comes with a cover that can be washed and cleaned very easy. The Nano-Tex Coolest Comfort Cover has a zipper system, so you can easily remove it for washing. It’s 100% polyester.
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The Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow has a lot of positive aspects:

  • It can be considered a therapeutic pillow because it will improve certain health problems. Its shape and texture provide a good alignment for your head and neck with the spine, without being created any pressure points. It improves breathing, and you will be able to breathe more easily and your snoring will slowly be improved or even eradicated. The contour foam pillow also minimizes body pains generated during the day—your body will stay in a relaxed position during the sleep
  • Another therapeutic result is that your neck pains will be reduced and no muscle tension will appear; neck discomfort could become a thing of the past
  • The memory foam offers numerous benefits for its users. It is soft, but firm enough to offer support. Due to its memory, the foam molds perfectly to the neck and head—there are no empty spaces between the head and the pillow. It takes its original form after each use. The foam used is a high-density, and even after excessive use, the contour memory foam pillow will still keep its shape. Although it’s a high-density pillow, it’s soft enough to provide a high quality comfort.
  • Additional aromatherapy elements have been added to the foam for reducing any odors that you might notice during the first days of use. The flavors, green mint or green tea, may offer you extra freshness
  • The improved ventilation system dissipates heat away from the body and keeps you cool during your sleep—you won’t sweat.
  • The cover of the contour memory foam pillow is a Nano-Tex Coolest Comfort Cover, a new technology which helps keeping you cool during the night

The Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Pillows are manufactured only in America, have a good quality, and the prices are quite reasonable.


  • The memory foam is very soft and comfortable, it provides support, but still, it is not firm enough for some people—this can create problems for side sleepers. Although this type of foam is one of the best sleep innovations, it’s not suitable for everybody.
  • Not everyone will enjoy the improvement of neck pain. Unfortunately, it is likely that pain relief will not come to people who have suffered injuries to the neck and spine. However, if neck pains are created as a result of improper alignment of the head and neck, there is a good chance that this pillow will alleviate or get rid of these pains
  • Another issue are the scents added to the pillow. There are sensitive people who might not support these flavors. But, the smell will disappear over a short period of time—so, this is a problem which can be solved. All you have to do is to let the pillow sit in the open air for few days and use it after the scent is gone
  • This advanced memory foam pillow has another small problem—it can make a strange noise while you switch your head position during the night
  • Its shape is more special, offers comfort and support, but the center is not concave enough for some people, and this can create problems for side sleepers


Compared to the other memory pillows, the Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced pillow has an improved ventilation system that the others don’t have, and better quality and comfort. Slowly, from the moment when it was invented, the memory foam pillow has evolved, and improved on a lot, which is why you should choose this contour pillow. It’s an innovative model with high standards.


Considering its characteristics, the Sleep Joy Visco-Fresh Memory Foam Advanced pillow is one of the top-rated pillows on the market today. It deserves this place, above others due to its excessive features, especially the comfort and support it offers. Don’t hesitate—just try it!

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