LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Gel Memory Foam Review

During the hot months, it is very aggravating to lose sleep because your body is too hot and your head feels like it is burning up on top of your pillow. You find yourself tossing and turning as you try to find a cooler, more comfortable position. Then there’s the night sweat that comes with your head being too hot; it leaves a terrible stain on your pillow, and all through the summer you are washing pillow cases and spending your time trying to find a way to wash the pillow inner. If you want to have a cooler, well rested night’s sleep, then look at getting a pillow that is breathable and one that circulates your heat. Our suggestion is the LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Gel Memory Foam.



  • This pillow is made up of an outer layer of gel infused memory foam and it has shredded memory foam filling that replicates that of small gel beads
  • Increased breath-ability and airflow is an important feature of this particular pillow, and especially favored in the hot summer months as it helps to distribute body heat.
  • It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • It has a 250 thread count cotton cover that is made of 100% cotton percale
  • The cover is removable and it is machine washable for easy cleaning
  • This gel infused memory foam pillow is similar in feature to that of a down pillow; it can be moved and shaped to conform to your head, neck and shoulders
  • Dimensions: 9.8” x 6.3” x 2.4” (standard size)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • The memory foam will keep your pillow in shape and prevent it from flattening
  • 3-year warranty available
  • Available in standard size, queen size, and king size, with the price varying according to the selected size option
  • Medium firm gel memory foam pillow
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The main feature of this pillow that has it receiving great customer ratings and favorable preference is its unique gel memory foam technology. The outer layer is made up of gel infused memory foam that helps keep the memory foam pillow cool in warm summer weather. This means you will be able to have a cooler night’s rest as the gel beads within the pillow capture and distribute your body heat, offering a cooler sleep surface.

The shredded internal gel memory foam increases air circulation and breathability, also allowing for better temperature control. This internal supportive fill is also moldable and offers great “fluffabilty” (very similar to that of a down pillow). It can be moved and shaped to better conform to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders. This offers an amazing level of comfort for a relaxed night’s sleep and it also provides orthopedic support for proper spine alignment.

The shredded memory gel foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and it is hypoallergenic, a must for allergy sufferers and those with pulmonary allergies. It is also perfect for those suffering from asthma.

The cover of this pillow is made from 250 thread count percale cotton, giving it a traditional, crisp feel, and smooth surface, making this pillow even more comfortable to lay your head on.  The cover is easily removed and is machine washable; cleaning this cover is quick and easy.

The three-year warranty offers peace of mind that for at least three years you will be guaranteed a good quality pillow to rest your head on every night.  It is a reflection of the brand having confidence in its own product, extending a feeling of trust among its customers and potential customers.

Its medium level of firmness offers just the right level of support; the pillow is not too soft that its orthopedic support and comfort are compromised, and it is not too firm that it feels as though you are sleeping on a brick.


Only the outer cover is machine washable, the actual pillow containing the shredded gel memory foam cannot be placed in a washing machine or hand washed.  Extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the inner pillow is not dirtied or soiled in any way, otherwise you may have a pillow that will develop an odor over time.


The price of the LINENSPA Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is priced just right to fit into the budget of most customers who are looking for a gel memory foam pillow. In comparison to some of the other gel memory foam pillows that are available on the market, this pillow comes in as one of the least expensive available, yet its features are highly competitive, perhaps if not of the same quality or even higher, to that of the more expensive brands offering similar memory gel foam pillows.

A commonly compared feature of this shredded gel memory foam pillow is its ability to be molded and “fluffed” up into a shape that will conform to your head, neck and shoulders. This ability of this particular pillow is often compared to a down pillow, however, the difference is that a down pillow eventually loses its shape and overall moldable features, and over time starts to flatten. The shredded gel memory foam keeps its shape and does not flatten like a down pillow, and it offers better orthopedic support and breath ability.


A good pillow is an investment, especially if you want to want to avoid counting sheep in the middle of the night because you are too uncomfortable to sleep, or you are too hot. If you want to invest in a pillow that does not break the bank and has all of the top quality features of an expensive memory gel foam pillow, then our suggestion would definitely be to purchase the LINENSPA Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow. You will be guaranteed a cooler night’s sleep with all the orthopedic support and comfort anyone could ask for in a pillow.

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