The Original GORILLA GRIP ™ Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow Review

It is rewarding after a long day to climb into a warm bubble bath and soak for a little while. It can, however, be uncomfortable to rest your head against a hard bath tub or against a tiled wall because pressure is placed on your head, neck and spine if you lay in the bath this way, especially without a bath pillow. Opening your wallet to spend a few dollars on a good quality bath pillow is a small price to pay and will be money that is well spent; you will be able to lie in the bath a little longer, giving you extra time to relax and unwind from a long day, and you will be all the more comfortable and supported as you relax against a bath pillow. Bath time has just become a little longer, so light some candles, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights, and get out a good book as you lie against the Original Gorilla Grip (TM) Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow.



  • This foam bath pillow features powerful gripping technology with its seven Gorilla Grip suction cups that hold this non-slip bath pillow in place against any smooth surface
  • This bath pillow is padded with more than 2” of luxurious foam
  • This oversized foam bath pillow measures 14.5” x 11”in size. It is extra-large and extra soft
  • It is made up of two large panels that provide head, shoulder, and neck support
  • This foam bath pillow fits any bath tub, spa or Jacuzzi
  • It has a waterproof, nonporous surface
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Achieving relaxation in the bath is difficult if you have a bath pillow that is continually slipping or falling into the bath. This is not a problem with the Original Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow. It features revolutionary, powerful grip technology with its seven Gorilla Grip suction cups; the Gorilla Grip brand boasts that these suction cups are like no other as they will hold against any surface, any bath, Jacuzzi, and spa, even curved surfaces.

When a brand believes in the strength and quality of their product so much that they offer a 10-year warranty, then a customer is made to feel extremely confident with their purchase. The object of cost falls away when you are guaranteed a high-quality pillow for up to ten years. Should anything happen to your pillow within the warrantee period, the brand will replace the pillow with a new one (without any questions asked), making an exchange as easy and hassle free as possible; again, another feature that allows a customer to place trust in both the product and brand.

This non-slip foam bath pillow is the ultimate in luxury with its top-rated design. It has more than 2” of padded foam in its two-panel design that offers the best in comfort and orthopedic support for your head, neck and shoulders. With all this comfort, together with the ultra-soft material, you will be able to relax longer in the bath. The nonporous and waterproof material dries quickly and keeps the mildew out. It is also very quick and easy to clean. This foam bath pillow is available in a two-panel and a three-panel design, giving you a little more choice.


The suction cups of this foam bath pillow are extremely strong, if you are not careful, you can tear the pillow when removing it from the surface it is attached to. You have to take extra care when you remove it, otherwise you will have a damaged bath pillow.

It is not a memory foam bath pillow; even though this bath pillow is made with 2” of foam, it is not memory foam, and over time this pillow will eventually flatten out and will not contour to your head and neck. It would be ideal if this pillow were made from high-quality memory foam.


The Original Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow is definitely an original in the range of foam bath pillows available on the market, its powerful grip technology sets it apart from other brands, its non-slip technology enables this pillow to hold tightly against any surface, including curved surfaces, whereas some of the less expensive models still tend to slip and slide against certain surfaces, especially if the suction cups are too wet. For a few extra dollars, if you have the budget, then it would be even better to invest in the three panel Original Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow; it is an extra panel of luxurious comfort, extending down for added back support.

In comparison to some other paneled foam bath pillows, the low price does not reveal any compromise in quality. Even though it is less expensive than some of the other brands, it offers amazing quality, even better quality than some of the more expensive brands, and the 10-year warranty safely secures the trust of many customers; this is not a warranty that is offered by other foam bath pillow manufacturers.


If you are looking for complete spa luxury in the comfort of your own home, then it is without doubt that the Original Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow is the right choice for you. With its luxurious comfort, extra soft material, strong non-slip suction cups, and unrivalled orthopedic support for your head, neck and shoulders, it’s the perfect foam bath pillow to keep you relaxing in the bath for longer. The price will also not leave too much of a dent in your wallet, so why not add in a few extra dollars and invest in the three panel design? This is an ideal gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas if you are short on great gifting ideas. This currently has 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 78% four stars or higher and only 8% 1 star. This is the bestselling bath pillow online, and currently sells for around $13.

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