Top 10 Benefits of Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

No care is too much for a pregnant woman who is nurturing a little one in her body. A woman in this condition requires more than basic diet and exercise guidance. She needs a whole lot of other things too, to keep her comfortable and in healthy shape. One such thing is a body pillow.  While a body pillow is good for all people, of all ages, it has special benefits for a pregnant woman, who really requires extra care in such a condition.

Here’s a list of the top 10 benefits of body pillows for pregnant women. It’s a good idea for a pregnant woman to keep and regularly use a body pillow, for some or all of these reasons. Remember, it will work not only to your benefit but also to the benefit of the baby inside you.


Provides high level of support

An ordinary pillow provides support to your head and shoulders, and also to your feet, and perhaps your knees, if you choose to keep it under these body parts. But a full body pillow has the excellent advantage of providing support to your whole body, which means an extraordinarily high level of support to you and your little one.

Alleviates body pain

Many women complain of body aches of some kind or the other during pregnancy. Unfortunately, even doctors can’t really help, though some exercises and massage is seen to make a difference. A body pillow has a remarkably positive effect on a pregnant woman suffering from body pain. It can alleviate, if not completely eliminate, such pain, allowing for a more de-stressed maternity experience.

Enhances blood circulation

Pregnancy can have all kinds of effects on a woman’s body, including slowing down of the blood circulation.  Try out a full body pillow to improve your blood circulation during pregnancy. As for the benefits of enhanced blood circulation, that’s something any doctor will tell you about, if you don’t know of them already.

Helps sleep well and in proper position

You’ll often find pregnant women having great difficulties in sleeping properly, and if they do, then it may not be in the proper position for their own good, as well as that of their baby’s. With the full body support it provides, a body pillow is a good way to ensure that you’re able to sleep well, and in the best of positions.

Prevents discomfort

Whether you’re lying down or trying to rest, or simply sleeping, pregnancy can make it a tough going indeed. Relaxing your body and keeping it comfortable is not at all easy in such a situation. You can depend on a body pillow to help you out with this complex problem. Such a pillow is designed to prevent the onset or aggravation of discomfort. So with a body pillow tucked in, you can rest assured that you’re not going to feel uncomfortable, wherever and whenever you are resting or sleeping.

Stops allergic reactions

Pregnancy does have the effect of enhancing the risk of allergies in a woman. A good, hygienic, well-made body pillow is your answer to this problem. You’ll find a body pillow helping prevent allergies of all kinds during pregnancy. And that’s something you need, not merely for your own good but also for the child you’re bringing into this world.

Reduces stress and tension

A body pillow, or maternity pillow, as it’s also called, is found to be a major stress reliever for a pregnant woman. After all, if you’re well rested and comfortable, and sleeping properly, then the key stress factors are bound to disappear, ensuring a healthier you and a healthier baby.

Relieves size problems

As the tummy grows in size, getting it in the right position without pain and pressure becomes a difficult and challenging task. You can trust a body pillow to relieve you of these problems, as this kind of a pillow easily gets molded into your body shape, virtually growing along and getting into shape with your transforming body.

Great for proper nervous system functioning

As your body goes through a number of big and small changes during pregnancy, what you need to ensure is that your nervous system functions properly and optimally. Try using a body pillow and see its amazing benefits on this count. You’ll find a body pillow providing you with extraordinary comfort, especially for your hips and spinal cord.

Use it after pregnancy too!

Eventually, a body pillow proves to be a long-term investment as you can use it to provide comfort to your body even after delivery of the baby. Such is the comfort provided by these kinds of pillows that your body, still recovering from the pregnancy effects, will revel in the support of a body pillow long after the baby is born.


Clearly then, a body pillow is a good support system for a pregnant woman. It helps keep you in shape, and in the kind of comfort you need and deserve at such an important time in your life. Whether it’s from a health perspective, or sheer peace and restfulness, you’ll find a body pillow ensuring that you get it all, in a hassle-free and relaxed manner.

You’ll find a body pillow serving a multitude of purposes, thereby providing a variety of benefits during pregnancy. With their built-in support and comfort, and the diverse materials which go into their manufacturing, you have a wide choice of body pillows. So depending on your specific needs during pregnancy, you’ll find body pillows giving all the rest and relaxation your body and mind need at such a time.

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