A Review of the EcoSoft Fusion Memory Foam Pillow

For those who are looking for a memory foam pillow that is also a down pillow, the EcoSoft Fusion is a great choice. This firm and supporting memory foam pillow comes with a duck down and organic cotton cover which is easily washable in a washing machine, making it easy to keep it clean.

It was created by ViscoSoft as a way to offer a firm pillow that offered the best head, neck, and spine support. The hypo-allergenic design of each helps prevent the buildup of dust mites, bacteria, and other dangerous items that could seriously impact your health.

Available in most online markets, ViscoSoft claims its pillow is eco-friendly, made in the USA, and offers a full refund for the first 30-days, regardless of your reason for wanting one. They also offer a three-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects which may occur in the pillow.

Clearly, ViscoSoft is very positive about this pillow if they can offer such sweeping warranty and refund options. Does this pillow live up to these expectations or is it a bust? We’ll take a look at its many positives, a few of its negatives, and compare it to other pillows on the market to come up with an informed verdict.



While ViscoSoft’s advertising materials for the EcoSoft Fusion are overwhelmingly positive, we’ve found that many of their claims do pass the test of basic reality. This really is a great pillow that offers you a variety of benefits, many of which go beyond the expected comfort they provide:

  • Molded and natural memory foam construction—each EcoSoft Fusion memory foam pillow is made with plant-based items that use a variety of plant oils in a safe and reliable manner, one that helps protect the environment from the negative impact of plastic manufacturing
  • Easy-to-remove organic cotton cover—this pillow includes a very soft and comfortable cover that will adapt to a variety of sleeping needs and which is easy to wash and reversible for a variety of circumstances
  • Easy mold design is comfortable enough to support the neck—memory foam pillows will adapt to your individual head and neck curves to create a unique sleeping experience for everyone who uses it: unlike specifically-molded pillows, this one can be used by anybody
  • Adaptable enough for multiple sleepers—whether or not you sleep on your back or side, this pillow will adapt to your personal sleep posture without flattening or losing its shape: this makes it perfect for pregnant women or anyone else who needs extra back support
  • Helps protect the environment—ViscoSoft uses a variety of recycled and all-natural items in an effort to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions and reduce non-renewable energy use; as a result, as a company, they have reduced their emissions by 36 percent, their non-renewable energy usage by 61 percent, and their total energy use by 23 percent

As you can see, there are many benefits to purchasing this memory foam pillow. It is not only a down pillow that is comfortable and adaptable to your needs, but one that will look great on your bed and help contribute to a good environmental cause. However, are there any downsides to purchasing this pillow?

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While the EcoSoft Fusion offers a variety of benefits to buyers, there are a few downsides. Most of these are based on relatively subjective concepts and can be easily fixed with little trouble. A few of the common complaints lodged by buyers of this pillow include:

  • The price—the most obvious problem that will confront many users interested in this pillow is the price, but finding it on sale is usually fairly easy and can save up to 50 percent of the cost
  • The smell—online reviewers have claimed that this pillow has a very strong. The manufacturer advises to allow the soy and other vegetable polyols at least 48 hours to dissipate. The pillow cover can be machine washed.
  • The firmness—some reviewers have complained that the EcoSoft Fusion is too firm while others have claimed it is too soft: there’s no accounting for subjective taste

Clearly, there are important problems that should be considered before purchasing this pillow. However, the positives generally outweigh the negatives to make this a memory foam pillow that is well worth the purchase. But how does it stack up against other pillows like it on the market?


When comparing the EcoSoft Fusion to its memory foam pillow competition, it’s clear that it does well. For example, the Puredown 50% Goose Down and 50% Goose Feather pillow might seem to top the EcoSoft Fusion in several ways. For example, it has many of the same benefits, but also includes the comfort option of goose feathers. However, that comes at a price: this pillow is likely too expensive for most.

On the other side of the price equation is the Luxury Sealy Posturepedic hypoallergenic soft down pillow. While this is definitely lower priced than the EcoSoft Fusion, it is not built out eco-friendly materials and is much softer.

It is typically prescribed for back and stomach sleepers, leaving side sleepers (the majority of people) out from using this pillow. These limitations make it an inferior choice to the EcoSoft Fusion down pillow.


So does the Eco Fusion stand up to the lofty claims made by its creator or is it a bust? We absolutely love this pillow. There simply aren’t enough down pillows on the market these days, and this is one of the most comfortable and adaptable.

We are particularly big fans of the fact that each pillow is built out of recycled and eco-friendly material. This is a nice change of pace from many other companies who just craft memory foam pillows with no regard for their environmental impact.

So if you’re someone who is looking for a down pillow that will adapt to your individual needs and which will decrease your environmental footprint, look no further than this high-quality option. You don’t be disappointed in your choice.

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