Top Ten Benefits of a Knee Pillow

Are you considering buying a knee support pillow? Knee pillows have many advantages, especially when you consider that you spend at least 8 hours sleeping or relaxing, and comfort will be an essential need to get the required rest you need.  A good knee pillow will provide you with the proper knee support during these hours. One of the best pillows to use is a memory foam knee pillow because its material keeps its shape throughout the night. It enables your muscles to relax from the day to day wear, while being supported in the proper way.

When purchasing a knee support pillow, you should keep in mind that your spinal column has three areas that need support. These are the areas close to your neck, the middle of your back and your lower back.

Using a knee pillow will enable you to maintain your natural curves when sleeping. Remember that as you sleep, you subconsciously adopt particular sleeping patterns. These irregular sleeping patterns are the cause of back aches and pains because they cause your neck, shoulders, legs and spine to adopt an unsupported posture.

Knee pillows enable you to raise these parts of your body to alignments that ease the pain in your back and spine. By placing a knee pillow between your knees it will help to separate your legs, ensuring that they are relieved of stress. Your hips will be in the proper alignment, which will also remove stress from your lower spine.

Top ten benefits of a knee pillow

  1. Eliminates pressure—A good knee pillow will enable you to reduce pressure on your knees by giving you comfort when sleeping. You will also reduce muscle tension in your hips and lower back. A memory foam knee pillow also prevents your spine from being pulled by your upper leg muscles
  2. Support—By using a knee pillow for back pain relief, you also ensure that you secure your lower body by positioning your hips, knees, legs and spine in the right alignment
  3. Reduces pain—Knee pillows also enable you to reduce muscle cramps and varicose pain problems to let you enjoy your sleep in comfort
  4. Elevates your upper leg—Another benefit of using a memory foam knee pillow is that it raises your upper leg during sleep. This enables your blood to flow to all body parts, ensuring you wake up feeling fresh. A knee pillow for back pain relief also lets you even the pressure on your legs by keeping them apart
  5. Prevents rotation of your hips—A knee pillow also prevents rotation of your hips when sleeping. Remember that during deep sleep stages you may not be able to control your knee movements
  6. Sore and achy legs—Knee support pillows also enable you to avoid having achy and sore legs by improving blood circulation in your legs
  7. Expectant women—Knee support pillows enable pregnant women to have a restful sleep, maintaining correct posture by providing crucial support and alignment of the hips and pelvis
  8. Sitting positions—Another benefit of using a knee pillow for back pain relief is that it allows you to maintain a correct sitting position when you use them in this manner. This enables you to eliminate pain in your back
  9. Knee pains—They also help you to reduce knee pains by ensuring that your knees do not suffer from friction as you sleep. Keep in mind that as your sleep; your body tends to turn without you realizing it. All of your body muscles are interconnected, so stress on one particular set of muscles will affect the rest of your body
  10. Proper posture—Knee support pillows also enable your body to have maintain the proper position. Keep in mind that your body regenerates muscles tissue cells as you sleep, which is aided when there is no stress to these tissues. The right knee pillow will allow you to enjoy comfortable nights, ensuring you wake up fresh.

What to consider when buying a knee pillows

  • One of the factors to consider when purchasing a knee pillow is A soft pillow tends to become flat after short periods of use, and a flat pillow is of no use to you
  • Consider purchasing a knee pillow with medium firmness if you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Remember that the main aim of buying these pillows is to keep your knees apart
  • Depending on your weight, you should also purchase a knee pillow that matches your body’s weight. One you should consider is a memory foam filled pillow which is a beautiful pillow that helps in ensuring the proper posture of your body
  • Check the density. The best knee pillow thickness should ideally be three pounds and above. That will enable you to support your knees
  • Consider purchasing aa memory foam knee pillow that is dust mite resistant and also hypoallergenic. That means they are safe for you even if you have allergenic conditions
  • You should also purchase knee support pillows from companies that offer reasonable guarantees. That enables you to have the option of returning a pillow that doesn’t satisfy your needs
  • You should also check online reviews about knee pillows before purchasing them because you will be able to see customers’ comments on their comfort and ease of use, and the quality of the product
  • Remember that not all brands are equal, and you should consider purchasing a knee pillow from a reputable brand. These labels also give you longer guarantees, ensuring that you buy quality products
  • Consider buying a knee pillow for multi-purpose use. These will enable you to use them while sleeping and also when relaxing. You should also consult your doctor if you have allergic conditions. That allows them to recommend the best brands to use if you have particular needs
  • Avoid the temptation of buying a substandard knee pillow for back pain because you may end up spending more in the long run. It also may not solve problems such as knee pains, which will result in you wanting to replace it


The above guide on top ten benefits of a knee pillow should make you consider purchasing one. Remember to check your budget and buy one that will suit your particular health needs. You should also consider buying memory foam knee pillow because they offer the best firmness, and can also be used by people with allergic conditions.

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