Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow Review

After a hectic day and workload, you need to relax your muscles. Sitting in one position for a long time might result in neck strain. To avoid such issues, sleeping on a memory foam pillow is an effective intervention. These pillows not only offer perfect support, they’re also great at alleviating pain.

Everyone wants a quality sleep on a comfortable and soft pillow. The Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Pillows are designed specifically to conform to your neck and shoulder shape. When you release pressure, it all reverts to its initial shape. Such pillows are also temperature sensitive. They come in different densities, which you can buy according to your needs.

Nowadays, many people prefer memory foam pillows compared to normal pillows because they don’t want to compromise their comfort levels. On the current market is a vast selection of different brands of memory foam pillows. So how do you settle for the best? Your needs must always guide you in your decision on the best pillow to buy.

This ventilated pillow brings with it gel memory foam that is a unique material, which infuses gel particles to the viscose-elastic memory foam. In the end, the pillow is able to create a cooler and plusher sleeping environment. The fact that the pillow responds to both temperature as well as pressure in order to mold to your shape means it offers incredible support for your shoulders, neck, and head. It is made from Coolpass fabric that’s designed to ensure the pillow’s surface remains cooler. It has fibers that are formed and shaped by a specific “X” shaped cross section, which speeds up diffusion as well as moisture absorption.



  • Performance-knit cover with Coolpass fabric
  • Cool gel memory foam not only disperses body heat but also creates a cool sleeping surface
  • Has a gusseted side that’s great for back and side sleepers
  • Coolpass fiber designed specifically to wick away moisture for a peaceful and cool night’s sleep
  • Fill material: memory foam
  • Cooling: yes
  • Comfort level: medium
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  • Cooler and plusher sleeping material
  • Ventilated gel memory foam
  • Responds perfectly to pressure and temperature to mold to your body shape
  • Offers incredible support to shoulders, neck and head
  • Speeds up diffusion and moisture absorption


  • Some people complain about the pillow having a nasty odor
  • Overly thick and firm


Compared to AERIS Memory Foam Pillow and OrthoComfort Memory Foam Pillow, the Classic Brands Memory Foam Pillow performs fairly well. For instance, it features a cool gel that ensures you remain cool whenever you’re asleep. Additionally, the cool gel side disperses body heat as well as creates a cooler sleeping surface when working with the pressure-relieving memory foam’s core. The pillow’s cooling properties normally dissipate heat, thus making sure you enjoy nothing but a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.


Compared to others, the Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Pillow offers a comfortable and soft feel that’s perfect for a cool and good night’s sleep. Additionally, the pillow offers incredible support for your shoulder and neck. You can also expect the pillow to alleviate pain, promote airflow, and reduce pressure points. Do you have allergies? If yes, then this is the best pillow for you. It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The fact that it is self-ventilating means that the pillow remains cool, thus offering a sweat-free sleep. It boasts a thickness of roughly 5”. The pillow is available in two sizes: queen and king. Enjoy a 3-year warranty upon purchase of the pillow.

Settling for the right pillow is highly important. Just to put it into perspective, did you know that your pillow constitutes roughly 20% of your sleep surface? Many people are normally unsure of the right pillow, however, you’ll most definitely know when you sleep on the wrong one. It’s healthy and essential to have a pillow that contours in order to accommodate your neck’s natural curves to maintain proper neck posture when you sleep. Your sleeping position doesn’t matter—you need a pillow that’s soft enough to perfectly mold your head as well as fill in the space between your neck and the bed. Supporting both the neck is highly crucial.

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