GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow Review

Finding a great pillow that supports your neck in a comforting way can be one of the most frustrating and difficult quests in the modern world of sleeping. Why is it so hard to find one that supports your neck, keeps you cool at night, and which can be adaptable for multiple sleeping situations? It’s one of the great mysteries of our generation. Unfortunately, it is one that is causing people to literally lose sleep.

If you’re struggling to find a great pillow that suits your comfort needs, the GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow might not be a bad place to start. It is advertised as possessing a “therapeutic design with airflow channels” and a “stretch knit removable cover.” Sizes vary from standard, queen, and king sizes, making it an adaptable pillow for a variety of needs.

One of its major selling points is that it offers a “balance of density and comfort” that is perfect for just about every type of sleeper. According to its online ads, it is appropriate for back sleepers and side sleepers, and for those who like firm or softer pillows.

Are these claims accurate or are these just marketing bullet points with no strength behind them? Let’s take a look at through this extra firm memory pillow review and others like it on the market to find out for ourselves.



There are many positive benefits of this model that you should consider when deciding if you want to buy the GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow. These benefits make it one of the most trusted and respected pillows on the market. Benefits of purchasing this model include:

  • A 30-day no-questions-asked full warranty with a cash-back refund
  • Viscoelastic memory foam that offers cooling support for the whole night
  • Comfortable and removable knit cover that looks great on any number of beds
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant build—perfect for those with asthma or who suffer from other allergies
  • Memory foam that adapts to your neck and preferred support level

These benefits make the GelBasics Memory Foam Pillow a great choice for homeowners or hotel owners who want to provide a premium level of comfort for their rooms. That said, there are a few negatives to consider when deciding to purchase this extra firm memory foam pillow.

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So what exactly are the negative sides of this particular model? There are a few, but not very many, to consider. Each of these has been brought up by at least three or more online reviewers. Many of them are subjective in nature, but are still worth pointing out if you are interested in purchasing this pillow. They include:

  • Its relatively flat nature may be hard for some sleepers to adapt to—several reviewers have complained that it offers little support for their comfort needs
  • The cooling action may disappoint some buyers—many reviewers have stated that this pillow gets “too warm” because they expected too much out of the cooling action of the pillow: it won’t be cold to touch but simply much cooler than before
  • The price may be too high for many buyers—while reviewers rarely balked at the price tag of this pillow, there’s a chance that it may seem a little too steep for many buyers

Taking the pros and cons of this pillow in mind, it is worth comparing it to at least two other competitors that offer many of the same benefits. Just how does this GelBasics extra firm memory foam pillow stack up against others like it on the market?


The extra firm memory foam pillow market is a huge one. A wide variety of shoppers are trying to find pillows that offer them a good night’s sleep in maximum comfort. So how does the GelBasics gel-infused memory pillow stack up against its competitors? Very strongly, actually.

For example, the luxury memory foam pillow by Perfect Cloud is, in many ways, a very similar pillow. It is a ventilated high-density memory foam pillow that claims to reduce pressure on the spine, offer hypo-allergenic support, and a super plush sleeping experience.

However, it is typically available at a heftier price, nearly double the cost of the GelBasics pillow. It also makes some promises that it can’t keep: many customers have complained about its “pain-relief” statement, saying that it offers little. This is, of course, a subjective statement but should be considered when comparing the two pillows.

The GelBasics pillow also stacks up well against a similar Perfect Cloud model: the double airflow memory foam pillow. This sleep tool features ventilated Visco foam and a washable cover at a more reasonable price. Other benefits of this pillow include the hypo-allergenic nature and an adaptable level of comfort. It does fall victim to the overstated claims of “pain relief” made by its sister model mentioned above.

However, the price is fairer with this pillow and it is comfortable. That said, it’s really not noticeable any better than the GelBasics model. In other words, the higher price doesn’t really translate into any extra value. In fact, the GelBascis beats it out by offering the 30-day warranty. It shouldn’t take you 30 days to decide if a pillow is right for you, making this a great way to save money.


Breaking down the pros and cons of each of these pillows and taking an honest look at the comfort each offers, the GelBasics pillow not only stands up to its competitors but stands out. It offers a level of comfort and hypo-allergenic benefits that make it an excellent choice. This is especially true when you consider its price, which is typically well below that of its various competitors.

So even though you’d definitely get some excellent comfort benefits from any one of these pillows, the GelBasics Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow remains the best choice. It currently ranks with 4.3 out of 5 with 88% 4 stars or higher, and only 2% with one star.

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